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Burn, babes, burn!
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"Change" Partners of We're Still Hot, a New Menopause Musical, Get Their Opening Night Feb. 15 in NYC.
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We're Still Hot!, a New Menopause Musical, Opens Feb. 15 Off-Bway.
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About the Show

"Is it hot in here or is it me?" It's hot all right ... and getting hotter! J.J. McColl's “We're Still Hot! The Musical®” is cranking up the heat in sold-out theatres across the country. The hilarious and poignant musical comedy tells the story of four 50ish women who come together to stage a review for their 35th high school reunion. What unfolds is a rollicking and riveting explosion of music, revelations and gut-splitting humour about "the change."

"My breast used to fit into a champagne glass. Now it's a soup tureen."


J.J. McColl's WE'RE STILL HOT! The Musical® is a revue within a musical. Three menopausal women, Marnie - a Fortune 500 president whose current 'toyboy' is twenty-one, Kate - the talented, struggling single mother who's written the revue, and Cynthia - the conservative, unsuspecting wife of a philandering executive, are rehearsing the show about menopause for their 35 class reunion. They're joined by the flamboyant Zsuzsu – a former star in Hungary, now working as a cleaning woman. Shoving her broom into the reluctant hands of Marnie, Zsuzsu bulldozes her way into the show by belting out “Here I Am!” - the ultimate grandstand number.

As they rehearse their riotous revue the women gradually disclose more about themselves and their lives in poignant songs that reveal the dark shadows of childhood, lost dreams, struggles, fears about growing old. Marnie and Zsuzsu also discover, to the hilarity of the audience, that both of them are having an affair with the same man, Cynthia's husband, Charles. And Kate has her secret about good old Charlie, whose comeuppance provides one of the biggest laughs in the show. Helped by the gradually evolved love and friendship of the other women, by the 'stand up and cheer' finale of WE'RE STILL HOT! The Musical® Marnie, Kate, Cynthia and Zsuzsu are hot all right; hot enough to take on the world!

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